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Friday, October 15, 2010


Some moments happen, some moments you create to yourself.

This was such a moment that was created by me and probably a nice moment for safe-keeping in my memory and can be remembered for years and laugh upon heart-fully :)

I felt a chill run down my spine when my name was called out for the duet performance.

Lack of practice was clearly on my face, even the lyrics of the song was not known by heart. My confidence was low, and the thought of being embarrassed infront of a pretty large audience was running in my mind.

The music had started, the mic was handed over to me, I tested it by tapping my fingers on it, there was no sound, the co-ordinator sitting in the first row pointed to the podium mic.

I moved across the dias and stood behind the podium and placed the notepad on it and was standing before the mic, my partner too joined beside me.

The introduction music was about to end and I was ready to take off. I sang the opening lines, rather I brayed.. :D

Some how I managed to finish the first stanza that also includes the part sung by my partner, she did outperform me!!

However, we messed up the second stanza, there was a notable difference in the time we were supposed to start the opening lines of the stanza and hence the synchronization was lost with the music.

By this time I was desperately waiting for the last line, I felt even the expressions of the crowd were similar, it seemed like they were forcibly made to witness a 'killing' performance and as though they were eagerly waiting for the song to get over.

I didn't mention the song right, it's Kilimanjaro, which I almost killed it.. ;)

That's how my first karaoke 'performance' unfolded and lot many lessons learnt, and certainly it deserved a post!! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Robo Mania

"To be successful, avoid women and money..."
It took a massive 160 crores of rupees + Aishwarya Rai + Rajnikanth to prove this old adage true

This was my 'what's on your mind?' status after watching the movie Robo.

The multi-million dollar movie, Robo is a visual delight, and has set a benchmark on the Indian cinema. The picturesque locations, probably never explored by any other movie-makers added an extra glitz for the movie.

To say about Aishwarya Rai in one word she 'sizzles'.

Rajnikanth has delivered his typical style, and this time powered by 1 Tera Hertz speed and 1 Zetta Byte memory, created a mass hysteria. I am not a movie buff to publish a review, but while watching the movie I felt like 'yes.. I am gonna write a post on this..'.

The first half of the movie leaves you with chitti's comedy. It also makes you visit some spectacular spots, especially in the opening song.

The movie gets a little slow soon after the intermission and that part is quite forgettable.

However, the intensity gears get changed steadily and raise to the peak by the climax with Rajnikanth's omnipresence.

The usage of graphics and visual effects is apt and Rajni's several avatars mesmerizes the audience.

Coming to music, 'chitti chitti robo' song still tingles my ears and rest of the songs dint create much impact.

On contrary to Rajni's other flicks, this movie doesn't have a heavy introduction scene of him, there is just a simple opening, that was a kind of under statement like 'wait and watch, there is so much in store' and it is certainly justified.

One more interesting fact about the movie is, Rajni's mannerisms are not compromised even when he is playing the role of a humanoid robot ;)

Overall, your money is paid-worth!! Robo version 2.0 could be on the cards too!! :)