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Friday, November 25, 2011

Being Kolaverised!

It was a regular visit to Facebook and a link with the name 'Why this Kolaveri di' caught my attention.

Just opened to see what was that. Boy! That was addictive! Hilarious! And stuck to my head for whole of the day as a hard, sticky chewing gum!

Thought I would be fine the next day! But the song emerged to be the winner over my mind!

It was still running in my head, I took a bath, and was performing my regular prayer before God, my head processed a different suprabatham that day, with few remixed lines as paa paa paaan.. paa paa paan pa.. paa paa paaen pa paa.. sariya vasi..!!!  I somehow managed to finish the prayer. My sincere apologies to the almighty for my wavered concentration!

I started to office, to my surprise, my kolaveri-addicted mind didn't force me to download the song and made me save into my mobile. I was on my way.

My usual walk to the office would always be with my headphones connected to phone and phone connected to FM, however I was so much kolaverised that day, I didn't even think of putting on them, who knows even the FM channels would have been bombarded with the same kolaveri song!

Come office, my teammate was listening to something on her music machine, I thought she wouldn't have checked the song and I wanted to proudly introduce her the song and kolaverise her too, but my excitement dropped as she had already downloaded the song and had several runs of it! Yes! she was infected too, by the kolaveri virus!

Ten minutes into my work, I could hear ring tones from all corners of my work zone buzzing with 'Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di', it seemed like people have  intentionally increased their phone ringing volumes just to show off that they are also enjoying this wide-spread musical epidemic.

Then I realised, Kolaveri travels faster than light!

The day went off with some moments of surprise and awe when I found someone who hadn't heard the song yet, and they were made to feel as though they made a grave error by not being active on the social networking sites and someone would even look at them as though they were from a different planet! (Little exaggarated though! ;))

Its day five! Yet the song wins over! and I remain KOLAVERISED!!!!!!!

PS - The success of this song is a clear message to the movie-makers. I hope the SRKs and the DirtyPicture production crew would realise that sense-less promotions, excessive hype is not the way to pull in people into the theatres, its just sheer creativity and out of the box stuff that connects to people world-wide and yes at the cost of nothing!

PPS - I have seen people hitting this post to find the meaning of 'Sariya Vasi' as I have mentioned those words in one of the lines of this post. I don't want to disappoint them. The meaning of Sariya vasi would be "Is it right? Vasi" (Vasi - a tamil name, incidentally the name is the character's name that Rajnikanth played in the movie Robo).Any Tamil friends please clear me if I am wrong!

Friday, November 18, 2011

M S D, Respect.

Behind the three wooden sticks, there lies a cricketing laboratory, powered by a sharp brain and a pair of quick claws. Yes! I am talking about an agile wicket-keeper who also is an aggressive stroke-maker, and above all a calm leader that comes in a package called Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Let me get nostalgic here, I was always fascinated with the story of King Midas as a child. As I grew up I can only associate the story to the modern Midas, MSD! The forerunner of the modern Indian cricket. Mind you, he doesn't have an MBA degree from the LBS or the IIMs. However, the decisions he take, that burgeon from his instincts, well supported by his enormous confidence produces great results.

Be it handing over the last over of the maiden 20-20 world cup final to an unheard name in the form of Joginder Sharma, or be it promoting himself up the order in the finals of the 2011 cricket world cup, the success of MSD has been stupendously stupendous. I fall short of adjectives to describe more about his feats and his super human abilities! '

Who would recall the 'dumb' bell to the crease though his dismissal was legal according to the rules of cricket except a true sportsman like MSD, (there were some news that his decision was influenced by Tendulkar). Though this act of him was highly applauded by the cricketing greats it was equally censured by the rest of the cricketing fraternity. But with that decision he helped keep the cricketing ties between the two nations green!

A Leader
He is a true leader when it comes to sharing the credit to his team members, and at the end of the day he makes sure that each one of them gets their pie of honor, credit and respect. At the same time he backs his team and lead from front in the time of adversities. That is the reason he bats at six, and not to keep his averages thick!

However successful MSD is, there have been critics around the world who comment that his success is only because of sheer luck and not of any cricketing brilliance. To prove them wrong, here's what happened just a few days ago, India lost 4-0 in the away test series in England. And it only meant one thing - "EVEN MSD fails! ". A root cause analysis on the loss would help discover the answer - excess cricket means tired legs, tired body and a tired mind.

The loss clearly makes an understatement that luck has nothing do with the success he has achieved and the laurels he brought to the country. Only self-belief in your instincts, calmness and level-headedness means success for everyone!

PS - How ridiculous it is to compare the batting technique of MSD to number ten Ishant Sharma! Did you forget the days when you basked in the glory of  MSD's mighty sixes and the celebrations you did when he lifted the trophy which the whole country waited for nearly three decades! If you did forget here's that historic image!


I remember reading a quote by Paul Strang of Zimbabwe ' What we[Zimbabwe] need is 10 Tendulkars'.

But I say what you really need is just one Dhoni!!

M S D, Respect!