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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cop's Saga 2

Although the under cover cop's story of Pokiri is still etched in people's minds, and the 'thokkalo meeting lenti' and 'evvadu kodithe..' dialogues are still talked and used extensively in public conversations, Dhookudu as a new bottle did attract with a different taste of the old cop's saga. It proved once again at the box office that Mahesh as cop still sells!

Mahesh does it again with a clinical performance, and carries bulk of the movie with his style and his calm, yet powerful dialogues attributed with his cool disposition.

It isn't an exaggeration if I say that he occupied around 95% of the frames of the film. However, I dint get bored looking at him even for three hours. Seriously! (I know it sounds so gay, Admiration is gender-unbiased. Isn't it? huh!!)

The movie begins with the typical Tollywood way, a grand entry, a fight and a song. The main plot of the movie makes you travel to the less seen (atleast on the Telugu Cinema) picturesque locations of Istanbul.

Coming to the title song, it was a great composition considering Thaman's monotony in terms of songs lately. Except the title song, rest of them seemed like you heard it many a times before. I somehow feel that Thaman has a fixed repertoire of songs and it isn't that vast as DSP or any other leading music directors.

Samantha looked a little different, but yes her role was simply wasted, her name should have been listed in the 'Guest Appearances' instead of the 'lead cast'.

The first half sets a good plot, however, the same intensity wasn't carried in the next half, with a predictable story-line and one starts feeling nostalgic as the plot transforms into the 'Ready' style of new characters being created on the fly. This time with the theme of a 'Reality Show'. Sreenu Vaitla seems not to leave his comfort zone of running the plot around gags and practical tricks.

Though I said Mahesh carries the entire movie, however, I must be doing gross injustice if I ignore the performance delivered by this man, Brahmanandam. To be honest, I was so engrossed in his character, I was considering him as a real reality show character (the character he plays in the movie) instead of a great comedian what he is. MS Narayana also keeps the comedy track alive and tickles your funny bone with his multiple characters. You have to watch this!! words just can't explain this.

Sreenu Vaitla did pen some nice dialogues with humor ruling all the way. Overall your time and ticket's worth is justified.

P.S - The movie watching experience at a multiplex sucks. No whistles, no loud laughter, no comments passed. That's seriously pissing off. I wonder how a movie is enjoyed by the so called 'multiplex-class-viewers'! Come. Sit. Watch. Go home. Lock the doors. Remember the dialogues and laugh!! Is it??

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