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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Super Mario comes on the Vespa!

Hello there! Am back here, yet again. Well, I certainly miss this space, don't know how it took over six long months to be back here. Just another phase of 'writer's block' I could say. Ah! I don't like to associate that term every now and then I stop writing, but still, I can't think of a better term than that. Or wait, maybe I could say, my blog was undergoing a phase of 'Development Hell'. 

As Wikipedia says, it's a state during which a film or project remains in development without progressing to production. I can associate this term to many of my blog posts, which are struck mid-way and waiting to be complete and be pushed to production! So, in the mid of this hell thing, the Vespa, yeah, the lime-yellow one had woken me up from my long slumber. To be accurate with my thoughts, it was a colleague's whatsapp profile picture, posing on the Vespa, was the actual trigger.

Ok, so why should the Vespa bring me back to writing? Well, the picture reminded me of the crush I had on it some two years ago and I felt like reading the post I had written about it back then. It felt really nice reading it and there was a sudden urge to write something, thought that something could be anything that would come off the top of my head and hence this piece! Ok, here's some trivia for you, 'Vespa' is the Italian word for Wasp.

Italy has always been a country of special interest to me, be it the God Father series or the Margherita Pizza or the Angels and Demons (Vacitan I know, but still!). As I talk about God Father - I remember this - 'Leave the gun, take the cannoli'. And God Father again reminds me of 'You've got mail'. I am quite a fan of the movies with references to some famous movies. Some movies, some dialogues will never cease to amaze us. Ok let me not digress to movies. It's about Italy. Period.

And yeah the names - the Materazzis, the Sollozzos, the Michelangelos, the Da Vincis, et cetera., are all fascinating, aren't they? Well, our own Super Mario is also an Italian!

As I think more of Italian, I remember this, the Telugu language is described as the 'Italian of the East', lazy to google it up, do any Quora enthusiasts reading this care to respond?

PS: It's nice to leave some comments you see. Thanks.
Hang on, it's Sunday the 13th, good day to publish?? :D

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

1 Movie - Whose fault is it?

I finally watched the most talked about movie of this month '1 Nenokkadine'. In one word the movie is 'brilliant'. I wish I had finished writing this post the very next day I watched the movie, anyways, I am glad that I did it at least this week.

This is the only third time am writing about a movie on my blog over the last four years. So there has to be some significance to it. This post is more of a logical defence and justification to some illogical comments and reviews that I have come across, than an out and out review of the movie.

An English newspaper says the second half of the movie has an uninteresting narration. I was wondering what kind of movie buffs make that statement. It is the second half of the movie that unfolds the twists and makes sure that your curiosity levels are never waned at any point. And all these days I thought there were paid reviews only to talk good about a movie!

Some say, the movie lacked a comic track. Come on, you are not watching Dookudu's sequel here. A person is battling to find his identity, and you expect a bloody comic track there! Please go watch some Allari Naresh movies if you really want your funny bone to be tickled.

There is another set of people who say that the length of the movie is quite long and say that it is beyond their span of attention. So what do you guys want them to do. Let the climax scenes be chopped off and end the movie in a disarray?

I agree, the length of the movie is a little longer than the usual Telugu movies, but it is the same people who would watch the routine sick stories made on the old wine in new bottle formula for some 2.5 hours without cribbing about the time. You are watching a psychological thriller here, and you are expected to be a little focused on what’s going on the screen, and tell you it is not any Inception kind of movie wherein it takes quite an effort from the viewer to figure out what’s going on.

Also, there were some comments that the movie is based on an English flick. Do you think the Director Sukumar would just pull out an English movie from his DVD closet and remake the same in Telugu. Maybe there were a few scenes that would resemble some Hollywood movie scenes. But the movie as a whole is different and unique. Had the same movie been made in Hindi with quite a good marketing being done, the same people would queue at the theatres and would say, 'these kind of movies could never be made by Telugu film-makers'.

There are lot of film-makers in Telugu industry who can make a movie that is on par with Hollywood or world cinema. They have got enough potential but have several challenges in unleashing that. We have been watching the same old stories over and over and say the Telugu film industry lacks creativity and skill. But whenever a movie like this is made, it is welcomed by a bunch of negative reviews and brand it as a zero-entertainer.

A little risk has to be taken by the film-makers too, like what Sukumar and Mahesh Babu did. There has to be a proper spending strategy while this risk is taken, else the Producer would face the wrath. People might not accept these kind of movies right away, but if the people are void of the mass-masala entertainers, they would certainly appreciate movies like this going forward. This should be treated as a step towards more creative cinema in the industry than going for more pot-boilers by the producers. Let the good movies thrive!

PS: No offence meant to Allari Naresh movies, I do like his movies!
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