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Saturday, June 11, 2011

This part of my life is called being stupid

Yes. The title of this post is actually a dialogue from the movie 'The Pursuit of Happiness'. A walk-through of this post would definitely make sense why I made it the title.

A few days back at my office, my child-like enthusiasm coupled with a good amount of stupidity contributed for my friend's phone to go dead!

As they say, closed things attract more attention, my friend's phone did drag my attention with it's keypad being locked with a pass-code.

The moment I tried my friend's usual pass-code, it didn't open. I thought that she has changed the pass-code and fancied different permutations. It was throwing the same error message for every attempt of mine.

With this, a new thought surged in my head - 'How many times would an i-phone allow to enter the wrong pass-code?'. So the further attempts were merely of statistical importance as I was sure that I cannot crack the code, I was only interested to know the limit of the number of wrong attempts.

I thought I would count the attempts, however I lost the count as the phone was not responding anything after some x number of attempts. The phone had reached the HUNG state.

Even then I was quite undeterred thinking that it will work based on my 'Joy-stick principle'.
A principle that I learnt back in school time - whenever the joy stick of the video game stops working, I used to just leave it for a while untouched and after few hours, bingo it would again start working.

I told my friend not to worry and it will be working after some time. My friend wasn't that worried as she was occupied with her work.

Few hours passed, my joy-stick principle didn't work, and I thought it was high time to sought goddess google help.

I fed the query and it gave some y number of solutions, I tried all but still the phone displayed the same static screen.

I started to feel few angry flares and stares from my friend. With a more intense search I found out some i-phone repair shops in the city. I called up to one number and explained the repairer the cause and the current state of it. He listened to it and said 'The phone can be repaired. But no guarantee that the data remains!', like a doctor who informs the family members of an ailing patient that the person survives but no guarantee that he remembers his past.

I conveyed the same to my friend, but she wasn't willing to lose the data. An obvious and expected reaction. She said she would try connecting it to i-tunes, if not then I could get it repaired.

Her attempt dint work anyways.

So the next day I took it to the trauma centre (Jagdish Market, Abids, Mobile & Electronics Repair market), after some hours of surgery(OS re-installation), medication (apps and required updates) with several experts having a good look at it (I was redirected to four repairers as the 'case' was not in their 'scope' and finally the fifth one took it as a challenge.) its heart started beating again!

However it was a new born baby now (the data was lost :( ). I returned the phone to my friend and she looked visibly happy with her phone breathing again which in turn left me breathing. :)

Message to my i-phone friends:
This particular incident must be an eye-opener for everyone of you, and I advise you all to take regular backups of the data on your phone. Because the world is full of idiots :)

Image Source : Google Images