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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Insanity Continues..!!

Who would've thought that just a casual look would spur up such an intense craze..
And now my mind longs for an eternal gaze..!!

What should I call those kohl-filled beautiful eyes, the enticers or the enchanters?

With which you cast a spell and leaves me off-balance and takes me to the cleaners!

The place which I hated by all ways..
now feels to be visited always..!!

How do I strike a conversation..?
When I am plagued by a consternation..!!

Will you respond well when I gather courage..?
Or throw a caustic look with all rage..??

When was the last time I was disturbed to this extent, 
And wrote pages without my heart reaching any content!

And I just realized, I wrote my first ever verse..!!
Does this make any sense? or is it really that worse??

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

In one word I say, Discordance!

When the blogger within me woke up on a late Saturday night and rambled few random thoughts that were marked by vent, and signed off  with a tinge of tollywood!

Work-life Imbalance!
The last two months have been the busiest of my work-life so far. There were some heart in mouth situations followed by a little phase of contentedness. And the time when my mind was idle, it went in retrospecting 'being 24 - Something'. Thought I would write about it, but backed off thinking that wouldn't be 'Substantial'. Then I realized, like many cricketers who lose form, may be, I too have hit a rough patch, and needs some time to get back to the original form flair. Also, this phase has helped me understand the importance of the line This too shall pass better than ever.

Sucker punch!
I thought I should write about this song, which talks about the 'firsts' of a couple in a relationship. This song meant a lot to me then! and a little now! (Please excuse me for the poor quality of the video. That was the only one available on the net.) And yeah, the human senses are so powerful, aren't they? Just the tune of a song, smell of a perfume/deo would make you travel to the past in a split second time.
Thank God! we are blessed with forgetfulness as well, else life wouldn't be that easy. I wish I write a dedicated post about the power of forgetfulness and olfactory!

Athithi Devobhava!
I was on a short vacation to my home-town the last week, my not-so-cricket-crazy parents didn't opt for 'Star Cricket' in their channel À la carte and hence I had to catch the action on National TV, it was after some years that I tuned into this channel.

One thing that amazed me the most were the advertisements broadcast-ed, those of educating people to maintain cleanliness while cooking and serving food, and Aamir Khan endorsing the 'athithi devobhava' campaign, enlightening us not to spit on roads,  scribble on walls of heritage sites, and other conspicuously trivial matters. That shows that there is still a large population of our country engulfed in stark darkness, where the light of civilization is yet to break through.

But considering some of the oldest civilizations being flourished and evolved in this great country, how did these common and basic human behavioral skills vanish? or were they never here and only we imbibed those from other countries/civilizations or through education?

After all this, they still stay, "India Shining!"

PS: I am perplexed why I kept one of  the sub-titles as 'Sucker Punch'!

Off-topic: My FB status read 'spider man.. spider man..' today, its because of this, its quite sweet, funny, raunchy, and a little stupid! The USP of this song could be accounted to the mellifluous voice of Gopika Poornima.

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