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Monday, February 7, 2011

The pages of my diary 2010

'Well begun is half done', felt that this is quite an apt opening line for this post.

I am referring the above line to the Year 2010. Though the year started quite well with the high of the Russian drink but the same 'spirit' wasn't maintained the year long.

The first three months were only marked with monotony and that was just work at office, tv at home, meddling with the guitar on the weekends and an interesting novel in hand if I had got any more free time.

Come April, little pinch about my career and some other aligned goals lured my mind but still those thoughts were minute enough to make any difference to my routine, infact the heat of Hyderabad summer made me think more about survival than anything else. Seriously, summer at Hyd sucks!

With the auto-rickshaw journeys getting troublesome and irritating at times, I decided to pull a rickshaw myself ;). It was the 31st of May I got my beast.

The charm of my new bike spanned across June and July, and was busy taking care of it as a newly-wed bride (cleaning, washing, on-time servicing), getting the necessary documents (registration, driving license) to ensure a hassle-free ride.

In fact,I had burnt my pockets a couple of times before, as I didn't have the driving license and had to pay the cops. At times, heftily!.

The month of July ended with a trip to the college for a re-union of my college friends. It was a good time reliving those past memories. It was during this time I started writing 'The lubberwort'. :)

Moving on, the rains of August and September washed away any last hopes that were breathing within me and that marked the end of the most-combated relationship I ever had.

With the clouds getting clear, and the focus shifting towards career, I marched ahead, rather slowly and started preparing to bell the CAT, for the next year though.

Soon came December and wedding bells at home, my elder sister was getting married :) and a sense of responsibility surged in me. As the role of a brother being really important I was busy sharing the work with my Dad and doing the wedding arrangements. I realized why getting a marriage done is considered as an arduous task!

In a blink of an eye, it was a new year again, this time with a bag full of resolutions and an intent to achieve all of them and to proudly write here the next year - "Year 2011. The mission accomplished!"