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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Expectation Pie

In a relationship there are two roles played by each other, the roles being - a 'Producer' and a 'Consumer'. (Call me a male-chauvinist, will use 'He' for Producer and 'She' for Consumer ;)). Though no one would don the roles by themselves, they just happen in the course of a relationship.

These roles keep changing with time and situation. Initially the one who plays the Producer feels really happy in showcasing his love and he tries to seize every opportunity to give more than his 100% and it is equally complemented by the Consumer.

However, as time progresses, the one who was supposed to be a Producer for a longer period of time keeps doing his good work, where as the Consumer who is so used to her role now will stop rating his work, though unintentionally, and in turn, the occasional mistakes would start hogging the lime-light.

With this, a small expectation burgeons in the producer, an expectation that his efforts are to be recognised. As motivation being the driving factor for any individual, be it at the work place or be it in a relationship, no wonder why he shouldn't feel the same in a relationship.

The expectation pie gradually increases, so does the number of misunderstandings and the relationship would lose the earlier charm. However, for this situation to happen, the Consumer cannot be blamed. She is just used to her role so well that she is unaware of the expectation pie. For example, she gives 10 points for something ordinary and the same 10 points even for something that is quite extra-ordinary, which would have well-deserved double the points in the beginning.

So what matters the most is understanding the expectation pie, a higher degree of expression and approaching everyday as a new beginning which would ensure the same importance and charm to the relationship as it was in the beginning. Also, swapping the roles oftenly and complementing together will help keep the expectation pie under control and henceforth no room for misunderstandings. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011


Sometimes, it could just be the name, someone could fall for.

As her two-word name meaning art and creator, she justifies it prodigiously. A budding entrepreneur, a creative mind, a great painter of the art(as known and heard), a pampered kid at home and most importantly a hard nut to crack, all these powered by a killer wit makes it hard for anyone to outsmart this demoiselle.

As all these factors led to an immediate and extreme admiration, I took a step with deep hesitation and little trepidation.

Abstruse was the first thought about her and supercilious being the second. However, its too early to judge or perceive an opinion on her right now, but for now, these are my thoughts :). The more I know further, the more I update about her in this space.

PS: Pinky is not her name though!