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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Universe Unravelled

I remember reading a line on the cover page of the book, The Lord of the Rings - "The English-speaking world is divided into those who have read The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and those who are going to read them."

Well, for me, the world is divided into two, those who know about The Big Bang Theory and those who do not. If you happen to belong to the latter part, then I am sorry, please go watch it :D .

So now I know what Doctor Who is, what virgin cuba libre is, what Monkey and the Panchali story is, what an attosecond is, and also know how to calculate the area of a curve, how to mask a lie by roping a non-existing cousin who would turn a drug addict because of the ill-treatment given to him in the Philippines, how an action called suicide would be an exception to the definition of practice (v) - repetitive action would result in excellence, how a slurpee is not an icee, how giving someone a gift means putting the receiver under the obligation of giving something in return, how Halo3 is much better than sex, and know about several other things that are above, beyond and part of this Universe.

Thanks to the big bang theory for taking my IQ to the next level. I know many of you might have watched it some years ago, but I was bitten with this bug just a few days back. And I shall now proudly say I am part of the BBT world!!

My nights have gone longer from the moment I have started watching the series. The wonderful concoction of Sheldon's dry humor depicting a close case of Asperger syndrome, Leonard's love trials, Penny's sweet looks and smart remarks, Wolwitz's How-to-flirt lessons, Raj's selective mutism has made me glued to my laptop and watch the series with great excitement. However, I get worried after finishing up every episode like how one feels after emptying the potion of a limited life-saving medicine.

I believe one should savour each episode, dissect each dialogue than watching it marathonically. Else, within a week or two, you would end up watching all the episodes and you would need to find some other alternative. My friend says, Two and a Half Men would do, but come on, where do I find Sheldon in that! 

I know Sheldon would not like me here, because of my non-conformance to English grammar, 'marathonically' is a colloquial usage of the noun - Marathon.

Ok, let's get talking more humane now.

To get the best out of the BBT, I visit here, read, revise every episode again, laugh and also register some key 'take-away'(s) in my mind, rather, to be more specific or to be more Sheldonic, I would register them in the temporal lobe of my mind.

Out of sheer curiosity, I read through some information about Chuck Lorre and Bill Pardy on the internet, the head writers of the show. I didn't see anywhere that they were interested in Science nor associated with it through any form. In fact, Chuck was a drug addict till 47 and he is on a recovery currently. That's quite an interesting fact, considering the level of intelligence that has been shown in the narration, plots and the characters.

Though, not all the facts that are said or shown are 100% genuine, but the radius of their creativity is humongous. And the ease with which they talk about diverse topics, from Bhagavad Gita to Hollywood, Bible to Bollywood, Physics to Physicalities, is something that would draw very high levels of admiration.

I am on the verge of completing the second season, and I hope my knowledge quotient keeps expanding at a very rapid rate. And am hoping that Sheldon would find a companion of his own species in the near future, other than Leonard's Mother though. Also, I owe a big thanks to the BBT for putting me back on the writing mode with this post.

PS : Do we say 'Conformance to' or 'Conformance with'? I was lazy to search on the internet, your thoughts are welcome.

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