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Monday, June 3, 2013

Uncomfortably Numb!

I have been off-blogging for quite sometime now. I don't say that I was busy, rather I would say I was being a couch potato over the last few days, indeed, the last few months.

It has been a phase of inactivity in terms of many sorts, the weekends in particular have been really unproductive. The evenings are spent watching IPL, and during the day the hot Hyderabad summer would make sure that I am numbed and lets me do nothing than making me laze around. It is this time of the year I curse this city the most. I think the guard at the ATM centre has got a better job this summer than anyone else!

Come April-May every year, there would be a lot of talk about the Summer and then the IPL. Just like last year, there have been many conversations on my Facebook wall about CSK, with the fixing scandal going around, the number of posts are more in number this time.

With the South-West monsoon winds arriving ontime, the drizzles over the last few days have produced a calming effect. Hence, I am able to continue this post that was started sometime last month.

I was off from blogging not just in terms of writing posts, but also in terms of reading blogs of other bloggers whom I follow regularly. There are some of them who have stopped blogging of late like me, some have managed to write a post or two like '10 reasons why I didn't blog' and some have got married, at least they are doing something :)

I don't know in which category I should tag this post, but I hate to tag it under 'Comeback post'. Anyways, I shall be back sometime this month (hopefully) with a post of some 'significance'.

PS : There's one interesting fact here. Though I didn't post anything last month, my blog has got the highest number of views this year! Also, it is the second result that google shows up, when you key in 'lubberwort', rewards for using an uncommon name you see ;)

Image Courtesy : http://team-pocket.blogspot.in/2010/07/its-too-hot.html