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Friday, August 7, 2015

Music musings!

It was just another evening, I had opened Saavn app on my phone to listen to some songs, a suggestion on the app shows up, and it was the song "Mellaga Karagani" from Varsham movie.  It had been quite some time that I had listened to this song. I just tapped my finger on the play button, well, there it was, the magic unfurled through the words penned by one of the the great lyricists Telugu film industry had produced, Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry. DSP did add more magic to the song through some wonderful music.

The line "chali pidugula sadi vini jadisina bidiyamu, tadabade ninu vidaga.." 
and then this "ee chiru chinukuaina.. nee sirulanu nee chupena, aa varununi ke runa padi pona e paina", oh dear! how could someone put it to so subtly and poetically a situation where the romance between two lovers and the playfulness that the rain brings in share the center stage. It is so well crafted that, you feel the rain, you feel the chill, you feel the romance interwined in every line of the song.

Though this song might not feature in the top ten or even the top twenty all-time great songs of Sirivennela, but it struck a chord to me, not just now, but every time I had listened to this, only now did I feel the itch to talk about it.

Sadly, my mind can't recall any such songs that have made an 'impact' of this sort in the last few years or so. With the movies going more commercial way, I feel that it is crippling the creativity and freedom of the lyricists. Maybe, some songs of Manam and the song chali chali ga allindi, could make one sit up and appreciate good music with an equally complementing lyrics or vice-versa. I did think over a while to list any other songs, but no, nothing comes off the top of my head right now.

Well, how often do we come across these days, some beautifully penned lines like "Sarada mallela poola jalle vennela navvulalo.. Sravana sandhaylu rangarista kannulatho.." or "Udyogam ippinchava.. sooku udyana vanamali ga". All I could hear is, a song whose pallavi begins in Hindi, and then goes on with some Telugu lines, and then adulterate the charanam with some English gibberish. As they say give a man  a fish, he will eat it for the day, teach him how to fish, he will eat it for life, give the lyricists the space and the extra large wings for their imagination so that the songs that we get to listen to can be classified more often under 'Music' than 'Sounds'.

This post might come across as a contradiction to what I had talked about "why this kolaveri di" in the past, I was all praise for that back then, but yes, that was first of its kind and it had to be accoladed. All am saying is peppy numbers can't please the ear, there has to be some kind of music at least once in a while that still upholds the lyrical values and reach the class "Timeless".

Feel like listening to the song? Here it is -