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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A blogger will know this!

Ten random things about the life of a blogger!

# A movie which was watched solely as a piece of entertainment before, is now a three-hour case-study, where in the blogger within takes some mental notes about the background scores, the direction flaws, the colors and the costumes!

# A photo blogger always gets quicker responses or 'likes' compared to a 'writer' blogger! 
Courtesy - Human Laziness!
# When a blogger thinks 'Yes, I need to write about this', 90% of the times he ends up not writing about it! If ever he writes something, its because it just happens!

# A post published on the blog gives a blogger more kick than what a scotch or vodka or a mix of both could give!

# The number of drafts is always 2-3 times more than the number of posts actually published

# A few people who use their laptops for some productive work must necessarily be bloggers!

# Other than FB notifications and messages, the next interest for a blogger would be to look at his blog statistics for the day, and the best part of that is to see some random visitors from countries like Zambia, Mozambique, and yeah Colombia! (And I always thought Colombia is all about drugs,bananas but not blogs!)

# A blogger sometimes faces this too - A thoughtfully written post about a crush, with the best of the adjectives used, and she comes back and says, 'that was too poetic and too verbose to comprehend, couldn't you keep that simple!!?'

# Your fellow rickshaw traveler during your primary schooling, whom you met on FB recently, is not just an old pal, instead he/she is a potential reader of your blog now!

# And finally, what does a blogger do when he is bored?
Some posts of this sort would get published! 

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