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Friday, November 30, 2012

Of Weddings!

At the beginning of this year, I made a resolution that I would publish at least a post every month.

Well, I missed it in July and October, and was thinking that I might be giving a miss this month as well.  But hang on, I have got something to share and for the first time on my blog, it is about weddings!

I had attended a friend's wedding, a North Karnataka style of wedding the last week.

The one aspect about the event that attracted to me the most was its mere simplicity.

I did not see women carrying KGs of gold on them, they were wearing minimal gold, and they weren't decked up in jazzy silk sarees.

Coming to the wedding venue, it wasn't lighted up with colorful electric lamps, but the stage where the couple were seated  was lightly decorated with some fresh flowers in the background.

Though I was at awe at the simplicity of the wedding, other people who had attended had a completely different opinion  and they felt that the wedding arrangements were "bharjari" (bharjari in Kannada meaning lot of pomp).

And if I had to talk about the bride, for the first time ever I had seen a bride who was so less conscious about her make-up, as she allowed her mother and other women
to apply turmeric and kumkum at will, which was a part of the wedding rituals.

And about the food, it was served about right and not less and not more where in one could finish up all the items without letting something go waste.

Coming from a Telugu family, and having witnessed a lot of Telugu weddings, I could say that there happens a lot of wasteful spending during the weddings. A wedding is treated as a platform to showcase one's social status, and it is believed that the more pompous and 'rich' the wedding is done the more respect they garner.

Instead of spending so much on a day's event, it would be wise to cut down the expenses and one could channelize the same for "good".

Image Courtesy : Google Images