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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Insanity Continues..!!

Who would've thought that just a casual look would spur up such an intense craze..
And now my mind longs for an eternal gaze..!!

What should I call those kohl-filled beautiful eyes, the enticers or the enchanters?

With which you cast a spell and leaves me off-balance and takes me to the cleaners!

The place which I hated by all ways..
now feels to be visited always..!!

How do I strike a conversation..?
When I am plagued by a consternation..!!

Will you respond well when I gather courage..?
Or throw a caustic look with all rage..??

When was the last time I was disturbed to this extent, 
And wrote pages without my heart reaching any content!

And I just realized, I wrote my first ever verse..!!
Does this make any sense? or is it really that worse??

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  1. Your first verse, and that too about a crush...what a combination! Nice piece. I like.

    1. Thanks Mahima! But let me tell you the response I got after she read that, 'I don't understand such language, it could have been simpler' hehe..

  2. One humble request..Can you please hyperlink your hifi words with dictionary pls :P

    1. Long time! Meow! Ok. I understand. I will try to write it in a much simpler manner from the next post onwards. That was about a crush ;) so I tried it BIG!