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Friday, December 7, 2012

Contemplation 2012 : #3 experiment [GROW]

WEverb12 : experiment [GROW]

Soon I finished reading the prompt, the one thing that came striking to my head was the long ride that I had gone in the last month to attend a friend's wedding at Gulbarga (North of Karnataka), 210 kms off Hyderabad.

It was a ride of about 420 kms overall which I did for the first time, though I rode around 120 of that as a pillion. I never did that long a distance before, it was a wonderful experience. And to tell you, my beast did really well. I almost thought of chucking him before this ride and this ride has reinforced the trust I had in him!

will you do it again?
Certainly, would love to ride down the NH7 (now NH44) once.

PS: A long ride does teach a lot of things - to stay focussed, to take a little risk, to be patient, to gauge and better one's skills.

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