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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Contemplation 2012 : #2 watch[LIVE]

At the time when I was looking forward to write or reflect upon the year that is soon going to unfold fully, I found WEverb12 that gives a series of prompts.

And I am breaking the rules right away! ;) I will skip the first prompt - Composing a Haiku, as I am not comfortable writing poetry or anything that is remotely close to it.

Prompt# 2 - watch [LIVE]

It should be 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Though I rarely watch the Super Hero stuff, this movie certainly awakened a lot of interest and enthusiasm and I loved every bit of it.

Tom Hardy as Bane, who looks gigantically huge and brutal was the one who stole the show for me.

Eega should be the second movie that I would recommend. I don't recollect any other good movie that made an impact on me of any degree other than these two movies.

Found the site from a fellow blogger - Archieunplugged

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