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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's all about the bike

It's all about the bike - the title is kinda opposite to the famous autobiography of Lance Armstrong..

hmm.. yes.. It's all about my bike.. which is yet to get christened officially (the alphanumeric letters given by the Registering Authority) and also un-officially (I'm still thinking of a name for this new entrant in my life.. )

I call it the golden beast.. cos of its color and also cos it is quite muscular..!!

I never thought that selecting a bike is going to be a herculean task until I decided that I would buy one..

After a serious thought process of nearly 3 months and taking extreme help from Goddess Google, I could nail down to the Apache..

Presently, I am a proud owner of this piece of yellow metal!! Though some of my friends say in sarcasm that I have bought a rickshaw to myself.. :P but.. that's how envy makes you speak..!! :)

Birthday - 182 = A Special Day!

It was a day in my last semester of Engineering, I was checking my mails sitting in our department computer lab, one mail in my inbox caught my attention, the subject line being - '100 ways to make happy/be happy'. I felt like reading it as I was indeed in need of little happiness.

I started reading all the ways laboriously, of which one of the ways seemed interesting to me, "Surprise your loved ones by wishing on their half birthdays".

I opened google and searched about 'Half Birthdays', I understood that it is celebrated in some parts of the world for various reasons. Then I opened orkut and searched in the communities, hmm.. there was one, with some 50 plus members in it.

Half Birthday mathematically is subtracting/adding 182 days to the birth date, and it can be roughly calculated and celebrated by adding six months to the birth date.

After gaining some knowledge on half birthdays, I started checking some of my special ones' half birthdays and incidentally there was a half b'day of one of my best friends coming up. As things were little rough between us that time, I thought this could be a pretty good way to make up.. and hmm..that worked out reasonably well.. :)

There are quite good outcomes of celebrating/wishing our loved ones on their half birthdays.. a sense of surprise, they are not flooded with calls as on their birthday, and you made a special day for them.. :)

Happiness, Courtesy : IRCTC

Just like love, even happiness takes several definitions.

It happened recently when I was booking a ticket for me to join the reunion of my college friends, a reunion after two years we parted off.

I got up early in the morning (8AM) went to my friend who was sitting with the laptop.

I told him that it is 8AM, he understood it brilliantly and asked 'oh.. want to book the ticket?'.

I gave him a look at him like he cracked the Da Vinci code :)

I opened the IRCTC website without any hope that it would open quickly..

Probably my stars were good that day. It opened just like that. I gave the necessary credentials to login. It responded well again without any hiccups.

Then I quickly fed the details and completed the transaction, bingo! I could reserve the ticket!

The happiness I felt at that instant can rather be undefined.

The happiness was not because am meeting my friends after a long time and only this ticket will make it possible for me to join them. Or it was not because I remembered the past memories.

The happiness was only because I was able to book a ticket on tatkal which is considered as one of the impossible tasks ever and only a lucky-few could achieve that!

hmm.. and that day, there was a smile on my face - the smile of a victory!

Even pretty small things can make you happy! or rather stupid things can make you happy!!

Are they gonna come true??

My 3 silly to strong obsessions!!!!

Obsession #1
Have to be a Radio Jockey for one of the Prime-time shows on a popular radio channel.

* The show should be scheduled at around 9AM or 9PM when half the people of the world are busy commuting on their way home/office.

Obsession 1a#
Dedicate the song 'Madhura pisumathige' to my friend Meow!!

Obsession #2
Have to work in an Engineering College as a lecturer.

*Please see the note at the end of this post.

Obsession #3
Have to do dubbing for an animated movie, the movie may not be on the likes of ICEAGE or CARS though. A short stint in any animated movie does suffice this tiny obsession of mine.

Obsession 3a#
Have to work for a Telugu-dubbed English movie. I just love the way they are dubbed.. :P


Note: Provided the college name ends this way 'blah.. blah.. college of Engineering & Technology...for women' :D