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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happiness, Courtesy : IRCTC

Just like love, even happiness takes several definitions.

It happened recently when I was booking a ticket for me to join the reunion of my college friends, a reunion after two years we parted off.

I got up early in the morning (8AM) went to my friend who was sitting with the laptop.

I told him that it is 8AM, he understood it brilliantly and asked 'oh.. want to book the ticket?'.

I gave him a look at him like he cracked the Da Vinci code :)

I opened the IRCTC website without any hope that it would open quickly..

Probably my stars were good that day. It opened just like that. I gave the necessary credentials to login. It responded well again without any hiccups.

Then I quickly fed the details and completed the transaction, bingo! I could reserve the ticket!

The happiness I felt at that instant can rather be undefined.

The happiness was not because am meeting my friends after a long time and only this ticket will make it possible for me to join them. Or it was not because I remembered the past memories.

The happiness was only because I was able to book a ticket on tatkal which is considered as one of the impossible tasks ever and only a lucky-few could achieve that!

hmm.. and that day, there was a smile on my face - the smile of a victory!

Even pretty small things can make you happy! or rather stupid things can make you happy!!

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