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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's all about the bike

It's all about the bike - the title is kinda opposite to the famous autobiography of Lance Armstrong..

hmm.. yes.. It's all about my bike.. which is yet to get christened officially (the alphanumeric letters given by the Registering Authority) and also un-officially (I'm still thinking of a name for this new entrant in my life.. )

I call it the golden beast.. cos of its color and also cos it is quite muscular..!!

I never thought that selecting a bike is going to be a herculean task until I decided that I would buy one..

After a serious thought process of nearly 3 months and taking extreme help from Goddess Google, I could nail down to the Apache..

Presently, I am a proud owner of this piece of yellow metal!! Though some of my friends say in sarcasm that I have bought a rickshaw to myself.. :P but.. that's how envy makes you speak..!! :)

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