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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday - 182 = A Special Day!

It was a day in my last semester of Engineering, I was checking my mails sitting in our department computer lab, one mail in my inbox caught my attention, the subject line being - '100 ways to make happy/be happy'. I felt like reading it as I was indeed in need of little happiness.

I started reading all the ways laboriously, of which one of the ways seemed interesting to me, "Surprise your loved ones by wishing on their half birthdays".

I opened google and searched about 'Half Birthdays', I understood that it is celebrated in some parts of the world for various reasons. Then I opened orkut and searched in the communities, hmm.. there was one, with some 50 plus members in it.

Half Birthday mathematically is subtracting/adding 182 days to the birth date, and it can be roughly calculated and celebrated by adding six months to the birth date.

After gaining some knowledge on half birthdays, I started checking some of my special ones' half birthdays and incidentally there was a half b'day of one of my best friends coming up. As things were little rough between us that time, I thought this could be a pretty good way to make up.. and hmm..that worked out reasonably well.. :)

There are quite good outcomes of celebrating/wishing our loved ones on their half birthdays.. a sense of surprise, they are not flooded with calls as on their birthday, and you made a special day for them.. :)

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