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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Are they gonna come true??

My 3 silly to strong obsessions!!!!

Obsession #1
Have to be a Radio Jockey for one of the Prime-time shows on a popular radio channel.

* The show should be scheduled at around 9AM or 9PM when half the people of the world are busy commuting on their way home/office.

Obsession 1a#
Dedicate the song 'Madhura pisumathige' to my friend Meow!!

Obsession #2
Have to work in an Engineering College as a lecturer.

*Please see the note at the end of this post.

Obsession #3
Have to do dubbing for an animated movie, the movie may not be on the likes of ICEAGE or CARS though. A short stint in any animated movie does suffice this tiny obsession of mine.

Obsession 3a#
Have to work for a Telugu-dubbed English movie. I just love the way they are dubbed.. :P


Note: Provided the college name ends this way 'blah.. blah.. college of Engineering & Technology...for women' :D

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