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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why Am I Single??

Why Am I Single?? A question that is so common among the singles around us! I drilled down to unearth some reasons behind it, which I could better explain wth some cases. Below are some of those -

Case #234 He was of the first bench types in college, and ended up looking at the lecturers more than the gals in class.

Case #77 Even though he was of the 'cool' types of guys in college, he does look at gals, but out of the 15 odd gals in the class, if the count of the good-looking/compatible/friendly gals was only less than the number of fingers of one hand, and 2 of them are already 'engaged' and one is 'padaku' the other two are not of that 'type'.

Case #420 Somehow he managed to find his so called 'soulmate' in the college or outside the college through whatever means it takes, he would end up hitting on that gal, ignoring the other better prospective options around him (gals from the other branches, juniors :-) , gals in the neighborhood of his home, and the gals he met during his family outings and functions).

If the gal doesn't bitch around him, he is safe, his relationship sustains, if not he would end up receiving a wedding invite from her, and a note stating " you would get a better gal than me!" (the guy's wtf look says that he wouldn't mind she marrying some stupid, instead he is worried now to start the process again, search -> filter -> hit -> miss -> hit -> time out -> Game over!! )

Case #95/100 Being a 'good' student, he thought let me complete my studies, get placed, then will think of that. (now what the f**k, do you think those gals gonna wait for you to finish your f**king formalities, grow up dude!!).

Case#356 That's fine, I will find someone in my office. B***s.. Do you think the gals around are still single like you, and you are the cupid to attract them! Ok, there would still be a faint chance here, but still it would fail because of the below sub-cases -

Case#356a - Yeah.. the gal is a real-beauty (Her kid's name is Teddy!)

Case#356b - Macha.. I guess I could hit on her, but she is always busy (WTF.. she is busy on Gtalk, talking to her would-be husband)

Case#356c - 'Hey a new intern in our team, she looks quite cool' (Yes, her bf too, he is in the other team ;-)

Case#1000 The philosopher. Whatever happens, happens for the good . (then f**king keep waiting..!!! )