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Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's October!!

<Connected/Disconnected Thoughts about October and My Birthday!!>

I get reminded of Dudley Dursley of Harry Potter or rather I behave the way he does when it comes to my birthday!! unlike the number of presents that he counts, I keep track of the number of people who wish me, and who make my day more special! :)

I remember dates, names and faces for a life-time. I have an elephant's memory when it is about these and hence I would never miss wishing a closed one on their birthday. If at all I do miss it for some reason I compensate it by wishing them on their half-birthdays!

Its no kidding if I say that the entire nation has celebrated my birthday this year. With the festival of lights coinciding with my birthday it did happen!! Thanks for firing those crackers! You guys really made my day!! A special note of thanks to MSD for inflicting a humiliating defeat on the English and for providing a sweet victory right before my birthday!

And yeah, I always loved the month of October, it all started in the school when I used to get a three week long holiday right after the Mid-term exams. With Dasara, Diwali and my birthday falling in the same month, it was always the month I longed for!!

With the emergence of facebook there has been a dip in the number of wishes through phone calls this year. Though the wishes are reached to me through a different medium, I somehow feel that a wish made through a phone call would produce more warmth compared to a message left on the wall. However, taking it in a different view, I am contradicting my own opinion that I have made in one of my previous posts - 'words written lasts forever'. Excuse my multitude of opinions please.

Another point about October, there's been a birthday or two of my friends or acquaintances on almost every day of this month. Can anyone tell me why is it so?? I am little baffled here :D

P.S - As most of my female friends got engaged/married this year, it has further accounted for a dip in the number of wishes this year. Anyways I still have time for vengeance, let me get hooked!!! ;)

P.P.S - I know this post seemed a touch childish, I guess it happens when it is the day of your birthday!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

A year of blogging!!

The love towards blogging would usually start with a friend sharing his/her blog with us, and as we keep reading the blog we develop the feeling 'Why don't I give a try and write a blog too..'

My closest encounter to blogging happened when a friend shared his blog and the blog which he follows, after several hits to their blogs, the interest within me towards writing and blogging started taking shape and after few months I did start off my first blog with the title 'Will I complete it' and the first post was about the beast.

However, I later copied the content of the blog and discarded it citing a not-so-good title and created a new blog with a catchy title and a peppy design and this incarnation was titled 'The Lubberwort' ;)

The next thing I did was to send the blog link to few of my friends and compelled them to read and demanded a feedback!!! Yes, sometimes you need to that! The initial posts clearly portray that I was a beginner and they were marked with naivete and T9 mode of spellings. I still kept them the same just to gauge how my blog evolved over time.

Thus, I made a beginning and kept posting sporadically and also inculcated blogging etiquette by reading blogs of more established bloggers and by registering to blogger communities.
It was all good initially, no worries of what the content of the post be, whether it appeals to everyone or not, it didn't matter to me much.

But a little worry and a responsibility surged when a good number of readers were following my blog be it by force or by unsolicited interest, and when I started receiving good responses for the posts published.

So the next time when I sit to write a post, consciously or unconscioulsy, I used to think of the audience and at times that would limit the way I express something, unlike the free-style of writing employed in the earlier posts.

However, the initial discomfort turned out to be a good sign, as it helped me being more fastidious and more purisitc than earlier. It did help me to think about more creative ways to present a content however at the expense of a little more time and a little extra effort.

Also, with the blog getting a little popular, it helps me not to keep the blog dormant for a long while, and I could avoid procrastination. Thus, not letting my dynamic thoughts go down the drain.

'The Lubberwort' is one year old now, it turned one the last september! And I hope to continue and publish at a higher frequency than before and keep the blog alive and kicking!!

Happy Anniversary 'The Lubberwort'!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011


A few days ago, I texted you telling what Serendipity is? Yes, meeting you turned out to be a Serendipity! I thought I would fill this coveted space of mine, about the serendipitous journey a long time back, anyways, its never too late, and this is what the journey was and still is..

The rides from the office, the stops at the frankie shop, the sulking face, the messed up iphone, the punctured tyre, the lunches at the cafeteria, the movies watched, and the one watched on the first day of its release.

The one and only comment passed about your school :( , the greeting card, a day out at Aryan's home, the training given, the training taken.

The silk challenge, the lost bet, the unheard song, the muted response, the misunderstanding, the talks on phone, the pastries at cakes n bakes, the soya milk from the super market, the not given swiss chocolate.

The argument, and the ride to the post office and a non working hair drier, the meeting with the dentist and the surprise unfurled, the movie that wasn't watched, the movie that was watched.

The worst performance and the worst response, the good performance and the better response, the SSIS packages, the queries explained. the money lent.

The wiki-explanations about the most boring topics on earth, the uninterested faces, the unanswered calls, the Google search for the meanest of the problems.

The 'ruby' online, the dialogues repeated, the laughter, the lake, the big rock, the thoughts of dumping me beneath that, the balloons on your table, the mails, the contact blocked on your communicator, the agreement reached.

The dairy milk chocolate, the IM conversations, the boost at the CCD, the Telugu dubbed English movies, the passes exchanged, queuing up for the same, the songs listened, maleyali jotheyali, engeyum kadhal, love me tender love me sweet and the new one!! .

The songs that were forced to listen, obviously the songs where I brayed, the quiz not participated, the unaccompanied lunches, the dhandiya, the photos taken, the bluetooth exchange.

The days missed, the shopping, the black shirt, the top from splash, the parallel parking of the bikes, the happy moments.

The meet after a week, the meet after two weeks, the forced read of the blogs, Vignesh, the consultancy calls, the search for the driving license, the phone forgotten at the washroom.

The missed dj night, the new year resolutions, the muted lunches, the 1473-1453 conversations, the looking out of the cubicles, the emotional mails exchanged.

The days laughed, the days fought, the adventurous days, the boring days, the days missed, the days parted off, the unsaid good-byethe days missed, the memories, the moments, the moments, and it goes on and on and on and this list is endless. And I wish this serendipitous journey be stacked with many such beautiful moments further on!!

As they say, words spoken are forgotten, but words written last forever!! and what better day it can be than the most joyous and most important day of your life to present this!! 

A vErY hApPy BiRtHdAy!!