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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Snowdrop!!

Those mood swings are unfathomable, 
yet not unbearable.. 

Those words could be harsh, yet the innocence of them would mean those are unsaid.. 

Those riveting eyes flare up in anger, 
yet they get calmed down as a tidal wave..
Those smiles could be less,
yet every smile is cherished like a three year old.. 

Those thoughts could be paranoiac at times, 
yet once you trust, you trust until the end of the time..

Those days could mean nothing, 
yet they mean everything..

For some you seem an enigma,
but only for some you seem an open book.. and  I am glad to belong to the latter part..!! 

PS: They say some people could only be seen or read about in novels.. maybe they said it on seeing someone like you!! 

You once asked me whether 'Insanity Continues' was about you, well, that wasn't, but this post certainly is!! :)


  1. Sweet dedication....Beautifully written :)

    1. Thanks Sri Valli. Good to see you here, welcome to The Lubberwort :)