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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Marriage v/s Grammar

I had started to check some profiles online over the last few days. Yes, the matrimonial profiles (be it out of personal interest, parental pressure or peer pressure). Well, there have been some interesting profiles that I had come across. Though not many were really interesting in terms of taking a step further, but certainly there were many profiles that were interesting in terms of flawed grammar and some bizarre requirements, some of them are listed below -

a) "I used to be friendly and respect traditions"
So, young lady, did you stop respecting our traditions and started being unfriendly of late?

b) "I had one elder sister, and one younger brother. Sister is married recently and brother is studying Engineering"
I am sorry about the first two. So you were 5 siblings before and 3 now! Is my Math right?

c) A girl who holds a Commerce degree and whose profession reads as a Designer says, "My Father is an IITian and works for Central Govt"
 Are you hinting that you are genetically intelligent? Also, I thought that the profile was about you and your education and not about how your Father graduated or how your Brother dropped out of college! *Sigh*

d) "Looking for guys who have BTech/MBA from IITs, IIMs, NITs"
And all this while I thought it was a requisite for a top notch company's job than for a swayamvara! Anyways, they must be humble enough not to mention what score/class they are expecting the guy to have obtained in his Degree.

And hang on, are you looking for 'guys'? I am a strict monogamist. How about you?

e) "He has to be tall, and seeing good"
I am quite tall, and I can see without glasses and lenses but I am a mirror cracking material. Are you game?:D

f) And the best one that kept me laughing for a while-
A Father writes, "Looking for a boy who is caring and who would make love to my daughter!".

I really got nothing to comment about it. I have got a big 'Thank you' for you, for the great laughter you provided!!

PS: I don't mean to treat someone with contempt over their writing skills here. What my point is, when you are projecting about yourself over an Internet profile, it is advisory to present the information correctly such that you avoid some utter embarrassments. Hence, leaving no room for someone to make a mockery of it.

PPS: I am not a grammar expert. You would definitely find some mistakes on my blog, I would be glad if you notify me on my mail if you find any, than bashing me in the public :) Thanks!

A picture speaks a thousand words. How about this? -

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  1. Hahahhaa!! Super funny!
    Even I've seen such crazy stuff while going through profiles :D

    1. Thanks Valli! Good to see you following my blog quite often :)

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  3. Indeed...I am also going thorugh the same phase so I can totally relate with....
    I can also add some in your list as one profile which I went through read...
    "My father has work on big farm lands..." and some other stated "I want a girl with a milky white complexion....:P"

    Atleast I can praise them for one thing... I get a good exercise of my cheek bones after reading this kinda stuff...


    1. True.. they provide a lot of fun..!!
      Welcome to the lubberwort :)

  4. Good one Cartic/Karthik... Ur blog is seeing good... I used 2 like this post :) Hahaha...

    1. Hey Sneha.. long time! how have you been??

      For a minute, I was thinking what has happened to your language, then realized you just followed the post and were being satirical :)

  5. hahaha nice one :)so marriage on the cards?

    1. Thanks Nandini.. nodona.. quite a journey it is.. he he..