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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some thoughts!

A friend read my last post on the blog yesterday and mailed me asking was I really looking for someone? It was then, I was alarmed that it's over a month I had penned something here. Adding to that, there was something that happened at office yesterday which I thought I should be writing about.

I had nominated myself to be part of the fun committee at office. The committee had asked all the nominees to fill a questionnaire on why we would want to be part of the committee, and those were to be written on a paper unlike an online form.

It had been ages that I have used a paper to answer something, being used to hitting the backspace and clearing out the sentences while writing through the computer, it was a hard time for me in answering those questions. I couldn't complete a single answer without striking out a word or a complete line.

I wondered at the fact that how I was so clear while writing in the answer sheets during my engineering exams. Writing with ink makes one to be doubly sure about their thoughts, I think the clear lines written in one's diary sets an example for that. Let me digress a bit here, a love proposal letter would be a final product only after several test copies reach the dustbin, because the state of love means a state of several hundred thoughts running in the head, and the space for some clear thoughts is very less.

Well, this post might sound quite bland, but yeah, sometimes the most creative Havells advertisements too lack vigor!

There was one more thing I should write about, a question that was asked in the questionnaire, it read - what profession would you have chosen if you weren't in IT? Good question, isn't it?? 

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  1. Clear thoughts.....hmmm arent they too subject to alteration every now and then?
    and yes...what would you have chosen?