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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Facebook! The End of Conversations!

Facebook is fun to use. However, the usage of it lately has taken several new dimensions, for example, a group of friends meet at a restaurant, the first thing they do is exchange a 'Hi', then a guy, 'IamFBAddictToTheCore' among the group quickly signs on his Facebook account through his mobile and starts typing, 'At the Chocolate Room, with friend1, friend2 and', he stops and asks for the name of the new guy in the group who is the friend of friend2 and searches for him on FB.

He then sends a friend request and gives his mobile to the new friend and asks him to sign in back and accept his request.

Then our friend IamFBAddictToTheCore will login back and posts 'At the Chocolate Room, with friend1, friend2 and friend3! Nyc 2 meet my old buddiezzz aft a lng tym!' (I know FB status update doesn't have any limit of characters. But you know, eating up letters is considered as cool! Even I used to do that when I was new to texting and blogging)

The conversation somehow starts, but our FBAddict is busy replying to the comments he is getting on his status update. What should this be called? Heights of virtual happiness?? Oh yeah! I understand, you are share-ing your happiness right? Freaking Awesome man!

Another one!
"Friend1 is at Hare Krishna Temple, Bangalore with AnotherFriend"  Updated from his Samsung Notecomes an update on my Facebook feed.

OK. That was good to know that these fellows have been to the temple. But was that really needed to update about it right when you are in the queue and jostling with the crowds? I was wondering how he would have managed himself opening his new Samsung Note amidst the push and shove of the crowd, and how he successfully searched for the temple link on FB! An example for heights of FB Addiction!

I am not against his update, but what my point here is, where is the Sanctity? I understand, we are not saints to show some intense levels of reverence to God but we could some how show some micro levels of piety, at least when we are at the temple! Should Zuckerberg and co provide an app which automatically hibernates your facebook account when you are visiting a temple by tracking your mobile GPS? Better not, you would stop visiting the temple if it happens!

Yet another one!
'Congrats babes! And that's called a Cute Couple! You both are really made for each other!', YetToGetMarried commented on JustGotMarried's profile picture (A picture of JustGotMarried and JustGotMarried'sHusband)

Now you would say, 'what's wrong in acknowledging a short note of congratulations? You Psycho blogger!' Well, hold on! I totally agree that you are expressing happiness about your friend's new marital status, but why fake something when the picture really looks something like this -

Even your beloved friend thinks that you are mocking at her! Just a simple note of 'Congratulations' would do right? Anyways, if you really felt that they were a cute people, I am extremely sorry! I am just sick!

PS: I do spend time on Facebook. I do share, rant and at times update some meaningless status messages. But what my point is, follow some usage guidelinesThat's it!

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  1. Right.. It reminds me some incident, when I was on a vacation, ppl started taking photographs at a monument saying "Click a nice one, I have to update this as my profile pic on FB today." It got me the similar thoughts which you had posted here, we are addicted so much to social networking, that we are enjoying sharing our vacation pics rather than enjoying the vacation itself!

    It happens the same with family gatherings, festivals, special moments etc.

    Yes, FB is a great way to share the happenings, but should not be to such an extent that we cannot enjoy the moments completely, and FB (virtual happiness as you termed :) ) should not replace of the real happiness.

    1. Off-topic: That's true ka, when you say about family gatherings, marriages are the one I remember, where the photographer demands prime attention than anyone or anthing else. I understand the importance of a marriage album, however that's the biggest distraction too!

  2. lol... i do this only when i am in boring class, my status says I just entered my college with this friend and now at this lecture and the first like is from my mom. this shows I am going to have another lecture at home..

    But on other hand there are people who do it often and I just end up logging out.

    1. Facebook wasn't that popular during my college days. I should feel happy about that. Else the fun what we had might have been adulterated with some online fun! Though we used to use orkut, it didn't sweep us away like what Facebook has done!

  3. FB and other social networking sites were actually meant were well, networking but all we see now is photoshopped display pictures, sentences whose words are half eaten like- In the loo, will do potty now!

    Grrr.....Some things are so irritating! I remember during world cup and now IPL all updates are like- "Its a six!" "Out!!"
    Aren't we watching the same thing!

    1. Certainly, the non-cricket enthusiastic friends would be pissed off seeing the updates every now and then!

      But I do post about it, mostly some post-match updates instead of the running commentary!