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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Password Connection!!

Warning : Philosophy inside!! Read it at your own risk!! ;)
Often, we come across this situation, where in we fed our old password and try to login to our pc or mail that we access, right after we had changed the password to a new one.

After several attempts we curse a minute telling 'wtf.. I am giving the right password, why the hell is it not accepting..!!??'

Then soon you remember that you had changed your password recently to a new one and enter it.

Even during the next login, we again fed the old password and again repeat the previous step.

However, by time and usage, slowly the new password gets internalised and you would login hassle-free.

Similarly, our mind gets pulled to some old memories which a person wants to keep them locked in a dark dungeon whose doors are protected by thick iron chains, a million miles inside the brain cells, where it would take a toll for the wires and axons of the brain to retrieve those deeply heeped memoirs.

But still those memories haunt and they will be fresh in our minds even after hours of self-counsel and after taking hundreds of oaths ('I am not gonna think of her from now on.. this is the only last time ever', ' I am over it', etc.,) to exhibit rock-solid determination.

However, it isn't impossible to get rid of a shaken past.
As how we remember the new password, by time, the present gets internalised in our mind, and slowly one could gain control on his self and his mind.

Yet one can't just sit and wait till some good amount of time gets over in his/her life, as an aphorism says an empty mind is like a devil's workshop, the mind has to be occupied all the time, leaving a very less space or no space at all for it to think or go back to the past.

As time flies (time = several years, in this context), getting into the rewind mode makes one feel that all the trauma that was once considered as 'life-threatening' would become a silly thought and a smile would lit up on the face thinking how stupid it was to think and remorse about a thing/person of less significance!! :)

Life do needs some pit-stops.. Just think that you are adding more fuel when you are hit with a jolt and race along with a 'well-serviced' body and mind!!

Source: A recent password change event has triggered me to write this post! :)


  1. Loved a couple of bits :
    1)As time flies (time = several years, in this context)
    2)Source: A recent password change event has triggered me to write this post! :)

    Got a smile on :)
    Moral of da story: Keep changin ur damn passwords, even if u like da current one ;)

  2. thanks :)
    I would rather suggest not to keep some 'sensitive' passwords that would take you down the memory lane and disturb you..

  3. Wow...such a beautiful post.I loved reading this. Quite an intense one. I liked the comparison. Well written Cartic.You are followed :)