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Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Love gave me Pain! First Bike gave me Back-Pain! ;)

Let me talk about the latter statement of the title, instead of the boring love-pain stuff. I have completed a two-year long affair with the golden beast. Well, the first year was pretty awesome, as you could expect in any other relationship. I had welcomed him with a post on my blog, rather it was him who triggered me to start this blog. And hence I feel, my blog and my bike share quite a special relationship among themselves.

Though I was all praise about him and had some wonderful time for the last two years, there started wear and tear, hold on, not for him but for me.

The Apache is certainly a superb bike when it comes to its looks, pick-up, power and more importantly the engine sound for which I had fallen for! But when it comes to the ergonomics it's quite a miserable machine for the rider. And a ride to the Charminar on a traffic-filled Saturday evening means, your Sunday is spent with your back-rested comfortably on the bed.

At first I thought it was my quite a lean frame that was causing this, but I did a little survey of the people who are using the Apache for about two years now, and everyone responded that they are facing some back issues lately, irrespective of how huge or how tall or how strong they are. Thus, confirming that there was an issue with the bike's seating comfort level.

As I had observed, one has to lean a few degrees when you are riding an Apache, as compared to other bikes, where in you could manage to keep your back straight.

The primary reason for this is, the rider's seat gets dug inside a bit and the distance from the seat to the handle-bar is significantly longer compared to other bikes in the league (Pulsar/Unicorn/FZ).

My Mom has been constantly whining to chuck my bike and buy a new bike that would fit in my frame and most importantly a different color this time.

But that's quite a big ask owing to the fact that, it is my first bike and I share an emotional bond with him. My friend Viggy suggested me to take him to a mechanic who would try and bring the handle-bar a little further and raise the seat such that there wouldn't be much of leaning and would help me have a comfortable ride.

I wish the problem would be resolved with that. However, am showing some signs of infidelity towards him these days, as I am fascinated with the retro, the new Vespa (lime color, a shade of yellow again). Lets see whether I would still hang on to the beast or fall for this new chick! ;)

B E A U T I F U L. Isn't she?

Signing off the post with a weird thought that struck me recently.

How weird it would be when a CSK Supporter wearing a yellow jersey, who is sitting on a yellow apache and posing for a photograph in the midst of a farm full of Sunflowers!!?? :D

PS: The color yellow somehow makes me crazy, first CSK, then my bike and now this new one!

Image Courtesy: http://www.vespaindia.com


  1. Good post! I definitely doubt that's ur BIKE!!

    1. Thanks Chaitra. But didn't get what you meant.

  2. Karthik, its time 4 u 2 buy a yellow 4 wheeler....

    1. Hey Sneha, long time here! Yeah I have thoughts about that as well!

  3. Superb post Karthik... First is always special. When we can get bonded with even objects, it only shows our capability to love.. Keep writing :)

    1. Thanks Ashitha. Sometimes the materialistic bonding is much easier than the complex human relationships!

  4. Karthik,
    Definitely it is not the bike. I still do remember that you rode my Apache when you came down to Bangalore and fell for the yellow Apache. I have been riding my Apache for 3 yrs now and its worth every single peny.
    And please dont think about moving the handle closer instead go for a new vehicle (4 wheeler would definitely be good).
    If you are thinking about 2 wheeler, then do consider "KTM Duke 200" (My neXt Bike :). The 'Orange Naked Monster' - 200CC best in its class. Weighs way lesser than Apache and way more powerful and comfortable)

    I enjoy reading your blog... :)

    1. Thanks Ram for taking time off your busy schedule. I feel honoured!
      Yeah, that was the first time I rode the Apache! Fallen for its sound and looks! It's good that you aren't facing any issues with it. Well, I am anyways not on a serious look-out for a new bike right now, but my apache would still be with me, I will not sell it off. I did check the Duke, let me know when you gonna buy it, will have a test ride first ;)

  5. vespa for life!! I have sooo many memories attached to this one...ours was green and another white :D

    1. It feels great when my posts get connected to some one in someway!You aren't writing much lately. Writer's block??