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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

...And they lived happily ever after - Part 1

I suck at writing fiction. A first of its kind on my blog. Bear with me! Bouquets on the blog, brickbats on the mail please ;)

Time : 7 PM something
Day : Just another day

He checked his watch, and thought that he should be leaving office in a while, and opens the mail inbox if there were any mails that needed his responses before he leaves the office for the day. There comes a call, and the name "Niki" flashes on his mobile, his eyes lit up in surprise.

He picks up the call with alacrity and she says "Hey, shall we meet up for dinner?" even before he says yes, she says "OK. 8PM, the Rajasthani hotel, next to our office. Come soon, I would be there at the hotel."

"OK, I will start in a while" he replies.

He still couldn't believe that it was she who had called him up and asked to meet her for the dinner, as it was the other way around for the last one year, as he was the one who used to call her up every damn evening and ask her if she could meet him for the dinner, even though he knew that the answer would never be pleasing for him to hear.

He thought his perseverance has paid off that day and he was off to the hotel in a jiffy.

They both meet and as they settle down at an empty table, she pulls out a chocolate from her bag and gives him. Another surprise!

And she says, "Every time you used to get one for me, and today I felt like getting one for you!" He was again put in a state of disbelief.

He was totally elated. He asks, "What has happened to you? You are giving me a surprise after surprise. What's the matter?" .

"Let us order the dinner first, I will tell you! And yeah, it's my treat today!She replied. He nodded in accordance, though quite unconvincingly.

Soon the dinner arrived. Some hundred thoughts were running in his head. She was busy finishing the paratha, he was busy biting his nails.

"You didn't tell me yet", he asked again, in a tone that was a little demanding now.

"I have got my transfer to Bangalore. I will be leaving in two weeks time."  She said bluntly.

He was shocked, not with the news of her transfer, but for the fact that he has only two weeks time to patch up a broken relationship.

(Yes, they were in a relationship some two years ago. Some situations/misunderstandings/circumstances made them quit. In fact, he never wanted to let go, but she desperately wanted to get out of it.)

She looked at him and started laughing, and said, "Well, that was a joke. How did you think a transfer request gets processed that easily and quickly! And anyways, why do you need to put such a sad face even if I leave this city. Some or the other day, I would be going to Bangalore. I would like to stay near to my home-town".

To be continued...

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