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Monday, September 24, 2012

When I raved about Hyderabad!

The sight of the calm Buddha amidst the Hussain Sagar lake , the taste of the Biryani, the Tollywood movies, the summer flares, the occasional thunder-storms, the agitations, the Charminar, the local dialect  - Welcome to the city of pearls, where history meets high-technology!

The affair with this beautiful city kicked off some two years ago, and it has been great going since then. I never quite believed in 'Love at first sight', be it with people or places, and it took me around a year to profess my love towards this historic city.

It was after watching the movie Ala Modalaindi, arguably the best entertainer of 2011, followed by the bike ride late in the night, that particular moment, I felt that longing towards this city, the Pyara Shahr!

This post is a long pending one, and I thought it has to come over at least now as the city is getting decked up for the Bio-Diversity meet.

Here are some of the To-Do's, when you visit here-

# A lunch at Paradise, featuring Biryani, followed by a falooda.

# Watch a Telugu flick of a popular star in one of the local theatres, preferably at the theatres around the RTC cross roads. The packed theatre, the frenzy of the fans, the whistles would certainly account for a movie watching experience that's beyond the obvious. People from Chennai or other places of Tamilnadu can give this a miss.

# An evening ride on the Necklace road, and a stop at the Lumbini gardens to catch the LASER show, would certainly leave an indelible mark about this beautiful city. And I tell you, it is not Just-Another-Show, so don't miss it.

# Want to taste the spice of Rayalaseema? Then you must have the jonna roti with the Gutti vankaya kura (Eggplant/Brinjal curry), served with ghee at Rayalaseema Ruchulu . You would need to stop by Creamstone to neutralise the spice.

# Get close to the heritage, history and the Hyderabadi dialect by visiting Charminar and Golconda. Once you are done taking the pictures, go do some shopping. Men - If you fall short of some gifting ideas to surprise the women in your life, there you are, buy some pearl jewellery from the shops lined across the streets of Charminar. You will definitely find the jewellery adorable and wallet-friendly! Visit Mangatrai if you need some branded stuff of the same.

# Also, sip on the Irani chai with some Osmania biscuits. I will buy you a lunch at Chutneys if you manage to eat five of the Osmania biscuits!

# RFC. Though it's a long time being here in Hyderabad, I couldn't visit the film city yet. But those of my friends who visited say that it is worth a visit. Of course, being the world's largest film studio, it shouldn't disappoint anyone. And yeah, some of my friends were lucky to catch Vidya Balan shooting for the oo la la number.

# One final stop - Don't miss the Borugulu masala (puffed rice), at the road-side eatery near the Malaysian Township circle. Give me a ring if you aren't able to locate it!  I bet, you will feel like visiting it a second time.

I will come back and update more on this space, as and when I explore something new and interesting about this city.

PS: I have seen many people writing 'Hitech City' for HITEC city. Check here for more.
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  1. I feel to be there at Hyd immediately... Keep updating.. :) nice post..

  2. Loved the shopping at Charminar -those gorgeous bangles and pearls :) I enjoyed shopping at Shilpa gram also. My brother took us to Paradise too. And the drive through the necklace road... Sweet :) Nice wide roads and high speeds. (Atleast until few years ago) I got introduced to midnight biriyanis and late night ice creams in Hyd. Love that place. esp the Hitec city!!!!!

    1. Yes, the wide roads and the traffic control of this city need a special mention. And one could do a ten kms drive crossing just two signals in between!

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    1. Well well..!! my blog has got a spammer. Welcome here!! :D

  4. I absolutely love Hyderabad. Though, my tryst with Hyderabad didn't start on a good note, I grew to love the city.

    Thankfully I have covered most of the places you have mentioned other than RFC! Golconda fort's night show is absolutely magical :)

    People who love continental food shouldn't miss out on Barbecue chicken at Fusion 9(near GVK mall).
    Coco's is another must visit for its ambience, live music and Chicken Lasagna!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Being a veggie, I know I am not able to leverage on what Hyd really offers!!

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